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We've had rain every day for the past week.  Not just rain, either...no- great drenching downpours accompanied by lightning and thunder.
Funny thing; the lawns are all still not particularly green.  Must be August.

Let's try this again

I keep forgetting my password.
I've written the new one down.  Maybe I'll remember to post sometimes now, too.

oh, there I am

  I managed to mess up my livejournal setting somehow and couldn't log on to the english site.  I finally got around to fixing the problem.

  Arms:  my left arm is completely healed now and I'm doing strengthening exercises for it.
              the right arm is not quite so healed.  I still don't have full motion in it, but my surgeon assures me that I should get all or most of it back.  I still have PT three times a week.  Pool PT is quite fun.  Along with work for my arms, I also do pool jogging and some other core exercises.  I've managed to drop some weight and 1.5 sizes since January.

Sewing:  now that I have more range of motion in my arms (and my great-neice has had a new baby) I've gotten back in to sewing.  I've embroidered both children's names on the slip of their Christening Gown, and am in the process of making a coordingating dress for big sister to wear to the Christening.  Which is..next Saturday.  I thought they were having it in October but found out Wednesday that it's on the 13th.   I work better under pressure, anyway.
   Mid-September, I joined some smocking friends at a hotel and we spent 2.5 days just stitching and gabbing.  I got three projects pleated and made a good start on the little dress.  One of the projects will be a laptop case in Wallowberry, White and Sakura . It should be quite pretty when the insert is smocked- I'm using rayon floss in a variegated pink-purple.

and now....back to my stitching.  I need to post this little dress off to Wisconsin on Tuesday.


  This has been one of those weeks (so far) where big plans haven't worked out as planned.  Sunday I needed to get some cleaning supplies and managed to twist my knee as I was walking to the car.  Usually when this happens the knee mellows out to normal within an hour or so.  Today, it did not. the details, boring as they may beCollapse )
   Has any sewing been accomplished?  No. None.  Not a stitch.  Planning for sewing has- I have some extra embroidery to do on a christening gown I made for my great-niece, as she is expecting baby number two, and a pretty little smocked pink dress to make for one of P's co-workers, whose wife is expecting their first daughter.  They have two very active and sweet little boys already. Photos may appear eventually. 


Another arm update

  Reader mopalia reminded me that I'd not updated my journal since back in January when  I posted that we were going on another jaunt to San Francisco.  We made that one successfully, checking into the hotel without problems and then making the bus ride from SF to Tahoe with no personal problems, but a couple of minor issues with the bus...the main one being that it started snowing heavily as we were approaching Truckee and The Man wanted us to have our chains on.  The bus driver wasn't allowed to put them on, the chain trucks along the road wanted nothing to do with All Those Wheels, and the line for the big rig chain services was a half mile long.  Eventually a few intrepid employees went out and got the chains on and we pootled the rest of the way to Northlake Village.  The weekend was marginally awesome.  Our condo was ginormous and came equipped with pretty much anything you could want.  (It was for sale, too; only $2.6 million bucks!)
   I started physical therapy on Valentine's day.  I have 3 sessions a week; two in the therapy office and one in a local pool.  This week I've shifted to two pool and one office session.  I'm hoping that helps with the strength issues I still have.  I've got a great assisted range of motion, but cannot lift my arm more than about 20 degrees without a bit of help.  At least I can brush my hair and put my own shirts on without needing help these days. It's hard work getting this arm moving again, but the results will be worth it.

In July we'll be taking our two nephews and their older sister to Disney World. (The parents are coming along as well, thank all the little gods).  Two good arms are a priority!


just popping in to post a quick update.
Phil and I decided to take a combined delayed honeymoon and 10th anniversary vacation to Hawaii.  We'd be bracketing this with 3 days in San Francisco on either side so he could work in the office and we could hit a couple of holiday parties.  While entering the hotel lobby to check in for our first night in San Fran I managed to trip over my suitcase and fell straight-armed. One ER trip and two doctor visits later we were on our way home to Pittsburgh to see an orthopedic surgeon, Saw him monday morning and was in surgery 20 hours later.
  I have two broken arms, both at or near the glenular humerous joint. The left arm has a relatively minor crack which is being treated by the "dont use it" method. The right arm requred reconstructive surgery of the bone head and abour 3" of titanium cemented into the shaft of the bone. i stayed three nights in hospital.
  Hawaii would have been cheaper and more fun.
Someone on one of my facebook feeds posted this link to Williamsburg's needlework classes.  Now I am in lust.
It would make more sense for me to spend this sort of money on classes if I did some sort of professional needlework, or did embroidery for a church, though.  As a hobby, it's just a tad too spendy.



  I don't seem to be very good at updating here.

I'm currently in the process of doing samplers for a smocking arts guild apprenticeship badge.  I have a sampler to do for the SmockingI
division, and another to do for the EmbroideryI division.  The pleating sampler is finished, the sampler is pleated, but not smocked.  Tomorrow I'll be transferring an embroidery design to handkerchief linen.
    Next month, I'll be attending a regional smocking seminar where I'll be taking some classes from Jeannie Baumeister:  learning how to adapt baby patterns to include pleats and some other things, and some classes to improve my hand embroidery techniques.
I'm looking forward to the classes.

   I've been going to the gym at least twice a month for the past year.  Started swimming at least 4 months ago, and it's paying off.  I've slimmed down a size.   Unfortunately, I still can't find jeans to fit because my thighs are still wide.  *sigh*   Oh, well.

I'm looking forward to spring.  I've noticed that the forsythia that line one of the properties near here are starting to look yellow, so they should be bursting into bloom soon.  If it would stop snowing EVERY DAMNED DAY, I'd be happier about this. :)  I'm sure I won't remember that in two months when it's blisteringly hot outside.

Somebody raided our compost pile this evening and tossed a pumpkin I'd put in there into the alley.  Do people really have so little to do?  I mean, really.  *rolls eyes*

musings on a kitchen sink

  I've been watching Hoarders on NetFlix recently.  

   I would like to put it out there in the universe how grateful I am that our current house is big enough.  It is also not FILLED with stuff.  There is a lot of bare floor or carpet.  We do not have boxes stacked to the ceiling in all the rooms.   It's a nice house, and getting nicer as we work on it.

Hoarders is interesting, though.  I find that by watching other people's blind spots, I'm learning to see my own stuff in a different way. I'm currently trying to analyze why I buy fabric (for projects) and then don't make them up. a) I like the planning part.  I like to look at the different patterns and textures and see the possibilities they hold.  b) I like to sew, too, but the process doesn't give me as much of a thrill as the possibilities.  That's something to work on.  
   Flylady would be proud.  My kitchen sink has been empty and clean, as has one of my countertops, for a week, now.  This week, I'll be adding the bar counter and the kitchen table.  Small increases, but they sure do make a difference.  If I could teach the cats to scoop their own litter boxes, I'd be golden.   Sadly, their lack of thumbitude gives them an out.